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Gary E. Smith Managing Partner

Edmonton Criminal Defense Lawyer

"I provide all my clients with the confidence that the advice I'm giving them can be trusted because it's based on years of experience." - Gary E. Smith

As a partner and co-founder of Fix & Smith Law Office, Gary E. Smith is an Edmonton criminal defense lawyer with considerable experience. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology at the University of Alberta in 1987, graduated from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law in 1990 and has been practicing criminal law in Edmonton and throughout Northern Alberta since being called to the Alberta Bar in 1991.

Experienced Edmonton defense lawyer

Over the course of more than two decades as an Edmonton defense lawyer, Gary has defended cases across the spectrum of criminal law: from impaired driving, assault and sexual assault to drug trafficking and murder.

Gary has defended cases at all levels of court in Alberta: Provincial Court, Court of Queen's Bench and the Alberta Court of Appeal. Every time he steps into the courtroom, he comes prepared and ready to fight for the rights of his clients.

"I have a tireless work ethnic in determining whether or not charges withstand the scrutiny of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That's what enticed me to practice criminal law. My goal is to make sure everyone has their best foot forward in court." - Gary E. Smith

Edmonton criminal lawyer who fights for Indigenous rights

Not only is Gary passionate about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He is also concerned about the over-representation of Indigenous people in the justice system. Over the years, he has defended many Indigenous clients in court, including many First Nations special court sittings. This included the involvement of Elder Justice committees in the court process.

All of Gary's clients can count on his ceaseless efforts for advocating. They know Gary E. Smith will protect their rights.

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