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Criminal Trials and Appeals

You have just been accused of a crime.

You have the right to a fair trial.

At Fix & Smith, our experienced Edmonton criminal lawyers believe you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. For over two decades, our expert Edmonton criminal defense lawyers have taken on all manners of criminal cases, including:

Courts of Appeal

You have been convicted and sentenced of a serious criminal offense. What can you do? Call Fix & Smith today. We are experienced appeal lawyers. We can – and will – appeal your case.

We take the appeal to a higher level of justice. If the appeal court allows it, the appeal can change the Judge’s decision – or it can order a new trial or hearing.

We are willing to take your case to the highest level, the final court of appeal – the Supreme Court of Canada.

We believe in fighting for your rights. All the way.

If you’ve been convicted of a serious criminal offense, call an expert Edmonton defense lawyer who knows the legal system – and how to protect you every step of the way through it.

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