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We are Edmonton lawyers who understand the working of the bureaucracy, and know how best to guide our clients through it to a successfull conclusion. We've been serving clients in Alberta, Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Saskatchewan since 1991.

We know how, when and what to fight in order to win.

Criminal Trials and Appeals
We take the appeal to a higher level of justice. If the appeal court allows it, the appeal can change the Judge’s decision – or it can order a new trial or hearing.
Drugs Narcotics Trafficking
When you’ve been accused of drug possession or drug trafficking, you need the help of a skilled Edmonton criminal defense lawyer.
Firearms Weapons Offenses
Any object used to inflict hurt or injury upon another person can be considered a weapon. Certain fake guns are even illegal, depending what is done with them. Under the law, a bomb hoax is also illegal.
Homicide and Assault
If you’ve been accused of homicide or assault, you are facing a serious charge – and if convicted – a life-changing final sentence. You need to call an experienced Edmonton criminal lawyer.
Sexual Assault
When you’re accused of sexual assault, it is a serious offense. You need to know your rights. One of your fundamental rights is the right to a fair trial.
Fraud and Theft
If you’ve been charged with fraud, theft or robbery, call an expert Edmonton defense lawyer who knows the legal system – and how to protect you every step of the way through it.
Impaired Driving
You are charged with doing something that if convicted you will regret the rest of your life. But if you want a second chance, get a lawyer.
Family Law
If you’re in the midst of a divorce, separation, or family crisis – or if you’ve been accused of domestic violence – call an experienced Edmonton lawyer who knows how to protect your rights.
Real Estate
Our goal is to simplify the task of managing your real estate transactions, making every step easy and straightforward.