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Family Law

This is the most stressful experience of your life.

Your family is being torn apart. Your marriage is in tatters. You can’t sleep at night because you fear you’re going to lose the right to see your children.

But here’s the good news: we’re here to help you through it – and fight for you. Going through a family crisis is always hard, but the road gets a little easier when you can lean on an experienced Edmonton lawyer who understands every aspect of family law.

At Fix & Smith, we have dealt with all manners of family issues, from uncontested and contested divorce to domestic violence. We know how powerless you feel when your life is falling apart. We’re here to listen with a compassion ear – and, more importantly, we’re here to fight for your rights. And the rights of your children.

We understand the law. We understand the system. Don’t let the legal system destroy you. Let us fight for you.

If you’re in the midst of a divorce, separation, or family crisis – or if you’ve been accused of domestic violence – call an experienced Edmonton lawyer who knows how to protect your rights.

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