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Nicole Sissons Barrister and Solicitor

Edmonton Criminal Defense Lawyer, Associate

"I felt that legal defense was really lacking with sexual offense cases. The person who is accused is lucky they can even get a lawyer. There's something terribly wrong and one-sided about that." - Nicole Sissons

Since graduating from law school at the University of Saskatchewan in 2002 and joining Fix & Smith, Nicole Sissons has been to every level of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada and the Court of Appeal.

While Nicole has handled every charge you can think of, she specializes in sexual offenses. It's the easiest allegation to make - and one of the most difficult to defend. There are many divorce cases where one party says their ex touched their kids. It could be true. Or it could just be an allegation. One way or another, it has long lasting repercussions, even if you're acquitted. People only remember that you were charged.

Bottom line, this can ruin lives.

Experienced Edmonton criminal lawyer

Nicole stands for democracy, justice and freedom. She wants the Charter to be properly applied. For everyone. Nicole's job is to make sure that the presumption of innocence takes precedence at every stage of criminal proceedings. Her desire is to make the State accountable every step along the way.

"I'm like a dog with a bone. I'll stand up for the rights of the little guy, regardless of whether the Crown likes it." - Nicole Sissons

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