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Ike Ulasi

Edmonton Criminal and Family Lawyer

Ike Ulasi is an Edmonton lawyer with Fix & Smith, specializing in Criminal Law, Family Law, and Child Welfare Law. He is a lawyer by training, but his clients benefit most from the fact that he is a lawyer by nature.

"Some people think lawyers are born. Some think lawyers are made. I believe that when you are a lawyer, you reflect it in everything you do: you will be good at public speaking; addressing contentious issues; thinking on your feet; and must have a good negotiation and advocacy skills. My greatest attribute as a lawyer is my natural ability to advocate. When I do that, I do that absolutely." - Ike Ulasi

Edmonton lawyer

Whether Ike is taking on a case where a person has been accused of assault and attempted murder, or whether he is representing a mother or father fighting for the right to see their children, it is his natural ability to fight for his clients that makes him a successful lawyer. He is comfortable in high stress situations and always able to put his clients at ease, even during a crisis. Better yet, he is comfortable where it is needed most: in the courtroom.

Ike's ability to guide clients through even the most treacherous legal waters comes from substantial years of training. He received his Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Nigeria in 2007 and his Barrister-at-Law degree from the Nigerian Law School in 2008. From there, he received a Master of Law from the University of Aberdeen in 2010 and his Masters of Laws degree from the University of Victoria (Canada) in 2013.

"Nothing makes a client more relaxed than when they see their lawyer is really fighting for them." - Ike Ulasi

Ike fights for his clients every day. He is passionate about the law and passionate about the rights of all people - especially children. He had volunteered with organizations such as Child Right Clubs (Nigeria), Befriend a Child (United Kingdom) and Children's Legal & Educational Resource Centre (Canada).

"I believe in morals, excellence, and leaving a very good impression in the mind of any client you work with or for." - Ike Ulasi

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